If you have a dog, you get it. You care for them, protect them, adore them. When they look at you, they see a being that is caring, compassionate, can do no wrong. Excellent at throwing a tennis ball. Expert belly rub giver. Gourmet bacon chef. When you look at them -- you see the creature that completes your world. You want to make them happy and be that awesome person they think you are. Spoiling this creature is your favorite past-time. But you also want to buy quality, ethically made goods that suit your taste -- and if they give back to some of your favorite causes, even better!
As a company, we live by the same ethos - we strive to be the people our dogs see us as. Everything we do, sell, promote, or endorse is something that we know our dogs would not only approve of -- but be proud of. We give back to the community by using a manufacturer that empowers local refugee women through fair wage employment. We feature adoptable dogs in all of our advertising in hopes of finding them that perfect home. (And 'cause they're gosh darn cute.) A portion of our proceeds is donated to rescue groups and non-profit organizations dedicated to helping homeless animals.
What’s the name about, you ask? Well for us - and almost certainly for you too - our dogs play a major role in our lives. They aren’t simply pets. They are family members. Furry, silly, loving, trusting, adorable family.
Our pets are our lives. Our loves. Our darlings.