rescue and shelter partnerships

Are you with an animal rescue organization or shelter? We'd love to partner with you! We are happy to send in-kind donations but have a limited number we can donate each month, so we offer these additional options for our rescue partners:

  • A month-long 'buy one, give one' campaign: We give you a unique 5% discount code to share with your followers, then at the end of the month we tally up how many orders have been placed with this code and send out a batch of free goods to you. For example, 12 are sold with your code and we'll donate 12 at the end of the month.
  • You can offer a 20% discount code for your followers and we'll send a collar for every two orders – we tally this up quarterly. For example, 20 are sold and we'll send a batch of 10.

We can provide photos and graphics for your use on social media, email, and your organization's website – the more you promote the campaign, the more goods we can send! We are open to your suggestions, but typically donate martingale collars as those are most needed. Our Chill Out calming salve is another often-requested item.

We always love promoting adoptable pups, and would love to share photos with our followers. Just tag us in posts of pups wearing our gear, or email them to

Thank you for all you do for the animals, and for helping spread the word about our little company!